Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jaws Unleashed [Rip] [Mediafire PC game]

Jaws Unleashed [Rip] [Mediafire PC game]
In a nutshell:
Making a game based on Jaws seems impossible until you realise you don’t play Chief Brody or any of the humans in this game – you play the shark as you chomp your way through the Amity Island tourist population!
The lowdown:
As unlikely as it may sound at first this game takes considerable influence from the Grand Theft Auto series as you tour the ocean depths and seaside beaches, ensuring your place at the top of the food chain. Set thirty years after the original film, despite the fact that you spend the entire game snacking on swimmers and smaller denizens of the deep you’re essentially a sort of fishy anti-hero as you set out to destroy the evil Environplus refinery on the island. As fun as this all sounds, and it is fun for the first few hours, the game is handicapped by some very clumsy controls and a perversely unhelpful camera. The idea that Jaws has the wherewithal to be using diver’s passcards to open underwater doors also seems to stretch credibility rather too far.

Most exciting moment:
As well as following the storyline there’s also a free roam mode where you can explore the ocean world and eat its contents. Apart from battling with giant squid and killer whales there’s also a number of scenes from the movie to recreate, including the famous opening sequence with the buoy and the girl.
Since you ask:
Developers Appaloosa Interactive are the same team behind Ecco the Dolphin for the Dreamcast and PS2. The non-violent game worked in a similar manner and featured several great whites as enemies to be avoided.

System Requirement
Window 2000 / XP
Pentium IV 1.6 GHz
RAM 512 MB
VGA Geforce 4 class (except MX family and Go cards)
CD ROM 32 x

1.Exract 3 of rar file
2.Go to folder - Jaws.Unleashed.ForumW
3.Exract rituel.rar [Don't click Install It will be error]
4.Click Setup.bat
5.Wait a minute
6.Enjoy !

Download | 250 MB
Mediafire Link
Download MF
Password : Joris@ForumW.org


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